Grounding and Bonding

With the increasing demand for computer network installations, telecommunications grounding and bonding has become an important part of a structured cabling solution. ESC Cabling has seen the high need for Grounding Design including vertical ground design.  We also install and test our grounded systems

As with traditional electrical grounding, telecommunications networks and equipment should be grounded to the electrical service. However, simply grounding to structural steel isn’t enough when tackling telecommunications systems. The sensitivity of the electronic equipment requires that the telecommunications cabling and power be effectively equalized to prevent loops or transients that can damage the equipment. This means designing a complete grounding and bonding system that goes beyond the basic “green-wire” methodology.

Terms associated with grounding and bonding with concern to telecommunications are:

Telecom bonding connector

Telecom main grounding Bus bar

Telecom bonding backbone

Telecom grounding Bus bar

Telecom bonding backbone interconnecting bonding conductor

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