Being in business for 20 years, we know how important it is to ensure we practice safety measures and keep up to date. Insurance companies and prospective clients want to know that you aren’t a liability. Our President and founder, William Diaz Jr. is a Bicsi certified trainer and ensures all staff is OSHA compliant/certified. As a small business we know our workers well and want to make sure they make it home to their families unscathed. You know that famous photo of the iron workers eating lunch on the beam, building the skyscraper? Even though we may not be putting up skyscrapers, accidents still happen and safety practices are still needed. A brief look at key points in time regarding employee safety in construction;  In 1910 workers compensation was first put in place, a few years later 1913 the Department of Labor was founded. Only in 1937 was the hard hat implemented and in 1971 OSHA was founded. 

According to OSHA’s website 1 in 5 worker deaths occurred in the year 2019. 

Slips, trips and falls are the most common citations. Can you guess what the next common citation is? Improperly grounded extension cords! It’s a very common scene on work sites. These cords can become frayed, causing the piece of metal it may be tied to to become live which results in shocks if touched or cause fires.

General Safety Asks; 

  • Did I  scan the area for any hazards? Doing this immediately can prevent a harmful situation. 
  • Do I know where the first aid kit is if I were to need it? 
  • Did I locate the Exits?
  • Did I clean and vacuum my work area? 
  • Are my tools and ladder clean? 
  • Do I have my eye protection, hard hat and PPE? 
  • Does my PPE fit properly?
  • Have I reviewed the SDS (safety data sheets) that are on site? 
  • Did I stretch and flex for at least 10 minutes? 


We make sure to hold a safety meeting at the beginning of each job and at least weekly thereafter.  Make it a habit to practice safety skills and continue to be up to date with OSHA requirements. Injuries are preventable and we intend to keep it that way! 


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