Solar Panel Cameras

Solar power! You’ve seen it… On roofs, on fields, and now cameras.  Recently, we had installed a Solar Powered Camera System with monitoring for a client. Which got us thinking. “Will we be seeing more of this?” Not too long ago, talks began about where this energy source can take us and we are now seeing the results. Solar Powered Camera Systems are its own source of energy.  Making it seamlessly affordable on cutting down energy costs and being a sustainable way to conserve energy. Some issues can arise with camera  placement. While they work best on their own when in direct sunlight the quality could  diminish if the conditions do not permit such as a cloudy day. They can be perfect for construction sites and outdoor security but must be placed where they can get enough sunlight throughout the day. There are some options, getting a solar camera with the ability of  being battery powered or connected to an alternative power supply. Low Voltage solar panel cameras allow you to have cameras set up even if they aren’t close to a power supply. Giving you more freedom and more areas for surveillance. Therefore you won’t lose recorded footage in case the natural energy source runs out. We want to leave our customers with not only a high quality camera system but  for us to embrace a sustainable future.

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