Supply Chain & Cabling

We are all feeling the effects regarding the supply chain issues.  With a business to run and our clients deadlines to complete, we have to work together. Making sure we have the supplies necessary to carry out projects is a priority. Labor shortages, equipment availability can affect cost and readiness.  Being in business for 20 years gives us the advantage of having a good standing relationship with our vendors. Speaking with them and getting feedback on what is happening now and getting a temperature of  what could possibly be changing is crucial. Let’s talk about materials. In low voltage we want to make sure we have our copper and coax cables ready which can take up to 4 – 6 months to obtain. Vertical and Wire managers, due to the metals, can have a lead time of 4-5 months. PDU’s and smart boards can take the longest with almost  6 – 8 months. Reasons such as the current war in Europe, getting raw materials, labor shortages and moving freight from one terminal to another has an effect on lead time. Prices aren’t being held longer than 30 days and are constantly changing. Communicating and being transparent with our customers and vendors gives us the best possible combat to the ongoing supply chain issues. Planning ahead has allowed us to stay on schedule for completing projects on time. 

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