Project Management

Collaborative efforts are instrumental in the management of each project. Organizing, planning and scheduling are key to delivering successful projects on time and within budget. Effective project execution is critical, and communication with our clients throughout the life of the project is what makes our project management excel within the industry.

Our Project Managers are dedicated to ensuring every project is delivered within our customers’ timelines and according to their specifications and requirements. They are in constant contact with our workforce and customers throughout the installation process to insure every project stays on track from design through completion. It is our Project Managers who are responsible for the coordination of materials and manpower, making sure that all factors meet the project schedule requirements. It is their responsibility to manage all customer requested changes and modifications to the project, and they take great pride in delivering the project according to time and materials requirements.

After the Installation We provide full Life Cycle maintenance and extended warranty programs through our manufacturers’ products designed to meet all of your requirements. All service requests are quickly processed to ensure minimal disruption to your organization. ESC has the ability to provide dedicated on-site labor to respond to small to large commercial cabling/telephone/network maintenance contracts. Additionally, should you require a dedicated maintenance program, ESC can provide a customized solution.

Our dedicated technical staff has been carefully selected to ensure smooth and seamless professional installations. Whether it’s small cabling runs or the end-to-end installation of 1500 station runs, Eastern Standard Cabling guarantees superior workmanship and competitive pricing. Specialized rates can be arranged for custom work. No job is too small at ESC. We have the expertise at every level to provide fast and professional deployment for your Telecommunications requirements. Please call or email us today for a prompt response.

We focus on Low Voltage Cabling products and services. We’ve become the leading experts in this field. We use only the finest components and the latest technologies to optimize performance, and ensure compliance to industry specifications.

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