Our Services

BMS Cabling

We offer BMS cabling working with the latest BMS technology and providers. We can help design and install a bus topology using rs232 or a star using ethernet, whatever your BMS is at ESC Cabling can install the cabling infrastructure for it. We can work with you energy conservation company or your BMS vendor to help with cabling for the latest in compliance and energy efficiency.

Fiber Optic Cabling

For the utmost efficiency in communication channels ranging from voice to video and applications such as high-speed Internet, fiber optic cabling is a proven solution. We install, test multi-mode and single-mode fiber to offer scalable and flexible communication infrastructure that guarantees speed and reliability and meets the varied communication needs of the businesses.

Voice and Data Cabling

Voice and data cabling (Category 3, 5e, 6, 6A Structured Cabling) is the lifeline of any organization. Since all businesses want to thrive, not just survive, voice and data networks in business need to be scalable and flexible to support future growth. To minimize voice and data network problems, we design robust solutions for organizations of all types and sizes, following strict design, installation, and testing guidelines.

Coax Cabling

Although coax cabling covers only a small percentage of our installations, it is still an important piece of the infrastructure for our clients. Coax has been a medium for high fidelity audio, television, satellite, and broadband communications. We install robust coax cabling systems.

Grounding and Bonding

We understand the growing demand for telecommunication grounding and bonding. It has become an important part of a structured cabling solution. As with traditional electrical grounding, telecommunication networks also need to be grounded to electrical service. We design complete grounding and bonding systems to effectively transmit data without any interference.

CCTV Cabling

We offer corporate security and surveillance systems to add value to our clients' existing IT infrastructure. Our highly trained technicians install IP-based security solutions around the client’s needs. Whether they need to add indoor camera to their existing analog system or just wish an integrated IP based surveillance, we have the expertise and industry knowledge to do it.


Card Access Systems

Whether you need single access card or hundreds of access cards, we specialize in the design, installation, integration and support of various types of products designed to customer’s specific needs. We are leaders in technical and physical security solutions.

Phone System

Every business need to communicate. The perfect phone will allow them to get the most productivity from the work they are looking to do. We can design an Avaya system to fit your budget and size.

Camera Systems

We specialize in the design, installation and maintenance services for all types of surveillance camera systems. Our certified technicians work with our clients to provide the right camera system at the right price. Security cameras installed by us are easy-to-operate and for our clients' budget.

Intercom Systems

We also specialize in the design and installation of intercom systems. Whether you are integrating with your phone system or you need a stand-alone systems we can design and install your intercom system.

Paging Systems

We also specialize in the design and installation of paging systems. Whether you are integrating with your phone system or you need a stand-alone system we can design and install your paging system. We specialize in Bogen products

" When you select ESC Cabling for your low-voltage systems, you are selecting a world-class team that will deliver the world-class results you deserve. "