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Low Voltage for High Security 

Low Voltage for High Security 

You’ve seen it… On roofs, on fields, and now cameras. Solar power! Years ago the talks began about where this energy source can take us. Recently we had a client who wanted us to install a Solar Powered Camera System. Which got us thinking.. “Will we be seeing more of this?” Solar Powered Camera Systems are its own source of energy.  Making it seamlessly affordable on cutting down energy costs and being eco friendly at the same time. The issue arises with placement. While they work best when in direct sunlight the quality diminishes if the conditions do not permit such as a cloudy day. They can be perfect for construction sites and outdoor security but must be placed where they can get enough sunlight throughout the day. We suggest getting a solar camera with the option of also being battery powered. Therefore you won’t lose recorded footage in case the natural energy source runs out. Even so, why would we need low voltage installation? Low Voltage solar panel cameras allow you to have cameras set up even if they aren’t close to a power supply. Giving you more freedom and more areas for surveillance.

Good Habits: SAFETY First

Being in business for 20 years, we know how important it is to ensure we practice safety measures and keep up to date. Insurance companies and prospective clients want to know that you aren’t a liability. Our President and founder is a Bicsi certified trainer and ensures all staff is OSHA compliant/ certified. As a small business we know our workers well and want to make sure they make it home to their families unscathed. You know that famous photo of the men on the Brooklyn bridge eating their lunch? Even though we may not be putting up bridges, accidents still happen and safety practices are still needed. A brief look at key points in time regarding employee safety in construction;  In 1910 workers compensation was first put in place, a few years later 1913 the Department of Labor was founded. Only in 1937 was the hard hat implemented and in 1971 OSHA was founded. 

According to OSHA’s website 1 in 5 worker deaths occurred in the year 2019. 

Slips, trips and falls are the most common citations. Can you guess what the next common citation is? Improperly grounded extension cords! This is a very common scene on work sites. These cords can become frayed, causing the piece of metal it may be tied to to become live which results in shocks if touched.

General safety Asks; 

Ask yourself did I  scan the area for any hazards? Doing this immediately can prevent a harmful situation. 

Ask Do I know where the first aid kit is if I were to need it? 

Ask did I clean and vacuum your work area? 

Ask are my tools and ladder clean? 

Ask Do I have my eye protection, hard hat and PPE? 

Ask Does my PPE fit properly?

Ask Have I reviewed the SDS (safety data sheets) that are on site? 

Ask Did I stretch and flex for at least 10 minutes? 


We make sure to hold a safety meeting at the beginning of each job and at least weekly thereafter.  Make a habit to practice safety skills and continue to be up to date with OSHA requirements. Injuries are preventable and we intend to keep it that way! 

Supply Chain and Cabling


We are all feeling the effects regarding the supply chain issues.  With a business to run and our clients deadlines to complete, we have to work together. Making sure we have the supplies necessary to carry out projects is a priority. Labor shortages, equipment availability can affect cost and readiness.  Being in business for 20 years gives us the advantage of having a good standing relationship with our vendors. Speaking with them and getting feedback on what is happening now and getting a temperature of  what could possibly be changing is crucial. Let’s talk about materials. In low voltage we want to make sure we have our copper and coax cables ready which can take up to 4 – 6 months to obtain. Vertical and Wire managers, due to the metals, can have a lead time of 4-5 months. PDU’s and smart boards can take the longest with almost  6 – 8 months. Reasons such as the current war in Europe, getting raw materials, labor shortages and moving freight from one terminal to another has an effect on lead time. Prices aren’t being held longer than 30 days and are constantly changing. Communicating and being transparent with our customers and vendors gives us the best possible combat to the ongoing supply chain issues. Planning ahead has allowed us to stay on schedule for completing projects on time.

DIY Low voltage Projects is it worth it?

I grew up in a house where my grandfather was a huge DIY man. Anything and everything he would “fix”, to the best of his ability that is. I remember how the lighting in the house just wasn’t quite right. I would turn the switch on one end of the kitchen having to go to the other side to flip another switch to get this one particular light on. You would think after living there for years I would  get the hang of which switch did what, but that wasn’t the case. There are many DIY projects that may have been better left to the professionals. 


When it comes to low voltage cabling people often become ambitious in wiring their home. Maybe they want a new sound or  theater system, or even set up their own security system. With any job you need the right tools to complete it, that holds especially true when it comes to low voltage cabling. 


Besides what is in your typical toolbox, you may need to triple that for a low voltage job. 


To go over just a few favorites; 


  • Wire Stripper
  • Metal cutter 
  • Voltage Tester 
  • Electrical Tape 
  • Labeling Marker and Labels 
  • Sheetrock Knife 
  • Crimpers
  • Specific bits – space bit, concrete bits 
  • The correct cables 


Many times people will purchase the wrong tools. This could result in an incomplete, inoperable system, not to mention often leaving the home looking unfurnished after such a project. 


Having the right tools and knowing how to use them is where trained professionals really come in handy. Our techs have gone through extensive training, they are BICSI certified and have 20+ years of experience.


Often unforeseen problems occur. Trained Technicians encounter these issues and are excellent problem solvers as this is what they accomplish  on a daily basis. 


They have a certain situational awareness where they can identify what the problem is and exactly how to solve it, cutting the time in half compared to someone with little low voltage knowledge.


Is it worth it? 

If you have the experience and training, then DIY is manageable, however even some jobs can be a two person project. There is usually  a timeline  when considering a project we want to complete.  When you think of the cost of purchasing tools, your time, safety, and factoring any hiccups along the way it is best to Look at the big picture. Hiring a professional is usually the way to go. 


Our techs may be able to handle the DIY home projects but does that mean so should you?

Our Role in the Metaverse

It is very easy to become close minded to this new seemingly invasive technology. It seems to be a way of disconnecting from the real world. We think of it as an extension of Gaming or playing SIMS. To answer the question of what the Metaverse is, you are sure to find an array of answers. It is anything from VR gaming and activities to  quite literally a virtual world where you could buy virtual food and clothing. The metaverse is still developing. I particularly liked the article on referring to it as  a “hybrid-verse” when trying to define what exactly the metaverse is. They suggested,  “mentally replacing the word metaverse with cyberspace.” In some ways it’s disconnecting from physical reality but engaging in a new social way in virtual reality. 


So we have to ask, could we have some role in the metaverse? 

When it comes to the amount of high volume of data that is required by this new cyberspace, it will require a strong fiber connectivity. The installation of fiber will help deliver lower latency and of course ensure a high bandwidth. 


The metaverse could be something more useful though. It’s all about the virtual experience. Over the past few years we have been forced to adapt to a new way of doing things. Meetings and classes can be held online using video conferencing platforms. Imagine using the virtual reality platform to showcase and sell products or  provide real time demonstrations.  We do frequent walkthroughs for job sites, could it be possible to simulate a building and do a virtual walkthrough in conjunction with cad drawing with the buildings? 


EY highlights in one of their articles how there will be opportunities and urges people to become a “co creator” player in the metaverse  not just a “participant”. We always want to take a look ahead and how we can work with,  not against  future innovations.

What Keeps us Motivated?

Workforce Motivation 

How do we stay connected and motivated 


The workforce looks a bit different from our end these days. We have employees who work remotely, who may be hybrid, and our technicians who are on site. It can be challenging in showing ways of appreciation and ensuring we stay motivated. After all, we don’t have unlimited free coffee in our “break rooms”, some of our employee break rooms are their very own kitchens. Our technicians have to be encouraged to even take a break for lunch. Providing work lunches can be challenging with everyone in different locations. This is the low voltage grind.  These are really old  ways of trying to get employees motivated anyway. Did they even work in the past? 


We make sure our technicians and back office team get the training they need to make them feel better able to handle new work tasks. More knowledge equates to better performance and a better sense of self. We often reflect to see where we stand and are we standing together as a team. During team meetings we get excited going over projects that are coming up. We  plan and get excited about what we do and who we are doing it for. 


We recently completed a project for the Brotherhood sister Sol. This was a project we felt especially close to. We were able to install studio equipment for their sound rooms. We provided Cat 6 and fiber installation. We also installed their cameras. Brother Sister Sol was founded in 1955 and now with its new building is able to give back even more. Providing educational programs, after school care, counseling ,job training, college prep, and international study programs.  We can’t help but feel a part of something great! 


Last year we celebrated our employees with a company cruise. Taking a week off to relax and bond. People communicate in different ways, and getting to know how we each communicate  helps us practice problem resolution skills. It also allows us to have our projects flow seamlessly. We work hard and making sure we have the time off helps us see what we are doing this for. 


Finding meaning in what we do empowers us and is our driving force of motivation. 

Appreciation, encouragement, constructive feedback. We feel better, when we do better.